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Greetings all. I just wanted to share the start of my journey into CO2 injection. I want to thank all the members who have contributed their time and knowledge to the forum helping inexperienced members like myself build reliable injection systems at a fraction of the cost of retail options. The wealth of information provided really made it an easy project for me.

Major Components

Regulator: Victor GPT-270C
Solenoid valve: Clippard ET-2M-12
Metering valve: Dakota Instruments 6AMV1120
CO2 diffuser: Aquario Neo Diffuser (special extended, size medium)

I purchased my 5lb cylinder from It’s a certified, reconditioned steel cylinder with an affordable price. Miscellaneous pipe fittings were purchased from McMaster-Carr, Tygon tubing and viton check valves from U.S. Plastic.

I finished assembling the system last night. I’m now working on bending the diffuser tubing. I’m using a heat gun instead of flame because I don’t want to burn it. Hopefully there won’t be any leaks when I fire it up. I'll give an update when it’s up and running.

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Great job and nice accomplishment! now waiting for your final result and please show us some pictures..

BTW, because you picked the Dakota metering valve, it is possible to fit this valve together with the clippard mouse solenoid.
the dakota/aalborg metering valve body is chrome plated brass, similar to the valve body of Parker Hannifin metering cartridge valve, and I modify the Parker valve body to make it a solenoid manifold.

see picture:

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