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First Plants, will they survive?

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Hello, I just purchased my first plants for my first tank. I got some Jungle Val on [Ebay Link Removed] The package somehow got "lost" and what was shipped on 2/19 arrived today, a week later. The picture I attached probably makes them look better than they really are. They're all brown with various levels of decay. The reason they are all pretty short is because I trimmed all the leaves that looked too decayed. Will these plants recover or are they beyond repair? I am new at this and any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

here's a closer look


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As long as the crown of the plant is healthy and does not decay the plants will live. All the leaves originate from the area directly above the roots.

Time will tell, but vals are pretty resilient plants so you should have some survive. Might take them a good month or so to recover though.
cool thanks i will be patient. By crown im assuming its the white thickened part above the roots. do i need to make sure the crowns are above substrate as well?
Nope, they can be buried below for vals. As long as they don't rot they'll keep growing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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