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First planted tanks PICS!!

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This is my first planted tank 75 gal I just got it set up yesterday here are the specs vv *PICS ARE A FEW REPLIES DOWN* vv

170 watts 2x65 odyssea(I know thats not great but i'm on a student budget here) with 2x65 watt 10,000k coralife bulbs
and 2x20 watts power glow florescent tubes
(I can add more later if needed but I would rather not)

soilmaster select charcoal
possibly a beach area with sand (undecided still planning scape)

DIY baby!! I have a 3 bottle rig in the works
The guy at my LFS is very encouraging on my plans
for DIY co2 b/c he says with pressurized you set it up
and forget it, whereas with DIY you become more in
tune with your tank because you have to be working on
it all the time. I am also on a student budget haha

404 fluval canister

a problem I am facing right now is how to get my water to clear up, the soilmaster is very dusty and it has been about 15 hours and still it is not totally clear. has anyone had this problem? how to I fix it?

any aquascaping critiques? I am getting more plants but not yet sure what any ideas are welcome.

but yea also any suggestions on keeping alge down and plant growth up is grealty appreciated. Thanks in advance


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These are the pics
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First critique is to make the pictures work! :D
the pics were working a while ago. I think it's off to a good start from what I saw.

They were up a while ago what happened?! sorry about that
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