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Hey all!

So I've had a small freshwater tank with just african dwarf frogs for about 6 months and since then decided to get a larger 10 gallon tank and expand my fish a little bit. So this is what I have so far.

Standard 10 gallon

Top Fin 10 filter
50 watt heater
2 "incandescent" bulbs the only thing the package said about them was that it is SLi lighting/CL-120V ... If anyone knows what that means that would be awesome. (they came in a top fin 10 gallon starter kit):help:

DIY mix of soil and sand

blyxa japonica

elatine triandra

Rotala (not sure of the spelling)
any other recommendations for plants?

2 African Dwarf frogs
Some sort of schooling fish (maybe danios or tetras?)

I haven't thought about the fish too much until the tank is cycled but any ideas are welcome. I would put up pictures of the tank .. but it's pretty boring right now I'll probably wait until there is something more than water, frogs and a heater to look at!
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