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Looks completely flat front to back. Try getting some elevation, some hills or divets. Start looking at pictures of rivers and seeing how nature does it. There are alot of videos on youtube about how to apply a few artistic rules to laying out a scape.
Also make sure a few of the plants have some color to them. Reds are the usually the only choice (or shades of green). Groups similar plants together. So say 3 swords, next to five lotus etc. In nature you rarely see a plant all by itself, it usually has neighbors of the same species.
Ask yourself is there a style you like: biotope, natural, dutch and so on. Picking a style may help focus your efforts. If all else fails, find a tank you really like and try to mimic what they did.
60 gallons is alot of room, so dont be stingy with the hardscape. Get alot of rocks, I mean a LOT and arrange them every way possible. I tried 15 combinations of just 4 rocks before I found one i liked.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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