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Hello, here are my plans for my 55g, any low tech, inexpensive suggestions would be great. I love feedback!

HOB 55/75 Quietflow Filter upgrading to an Eheim 2213 in January (flow from the HOB was tearing up my floaters, and was too much surface agitation in general)
48" T8 Floramax 6500k bulb x1
62w Plant grow bulb, on table clip in a shop light 75w fixture 3 inches from tank from the side not above. It's parallel to the lower part of the tank)
heater of course for the fish

50lbs Floramax substrate + 5lbs deco sand
using Root tabs, Leaf Zone, Seachem Equilibrium

Plants I have:
non aquatic (which are expected to die off I've been told)
kyoto ophlopogon japonica
peacock fern selaginella wildenowii

amazon sword
wisteria hygrophia difformis
red root floaters
Amazon Frogbit
ludwigia arcuata needle leaf

on the way...
Ancharis (Egeria densa)
Bacopa Carolina
Vallisneria Spiralis

I intend on taking out the fake caves once the plants can be propagated, and I will get a Manzanita tree/driftwood instead

Current Inhabitants:
1 Blood Parrot Cichlid
3 Giant Danios
1 Albino Catfish
1 Blue Gourami
3 Oto's (currently in observation tank for 10 more days)

Would like to make this work, but after all the reading and research Ive done, I am still a little lost as to whether or not I HAVE TO dose, add co2, and/or change my lighting.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Sorry for the lights and reflections...


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For a newly planted tank, for someone with a low budget, what would it be that you would buy that is a "must have" for this to be successful.

I have about 100$ to spend tops.

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I think you are off to a great start at the moment. For you last question, I don't think you need anything else besides more plants and maybe an awesome piece of driftwood instead of the fake one on the right. My 2 cents :D
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