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Thanks. What would you have done differently? Help me not make the same mistakes you made, haha.
I would have used a different Cap 1st off I used play sand and it was too fine and a lot off the dirt floated to the top. also I had a lg CAE which likes to burrow that wasnt really very well thought out purchase.
Also I tried to buy fast growing low light plants like Wisteria to get the tank going and it ended up taking over and I had to pull it out which made a terrible mess.

All in all I rushed into it and although I love my tank I have definitely figured out what not to do through trial and error.

I ended up adding an additional cap of pool filter sand which is coarser and doesn't get stirred up as much.

also Just know what plants and decor you want in the tank and plant them and walk away. I like putting my hands in my tank way too much and might wait a while until I do another one.
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