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I've just started my first foray into the world of planted tanks. I am using a 40 Gallon breeder (36x18x16) with a mix of white gravel and eco-complete. The light is a Coralife T-5 HO with a 10,000K "Daylight" bulb which came with the unit, and a 6,500K "Colormax" bulb I ordered with it

So far I have:
2x pygmy chain sword
2x anubias nana
1x Java Fern
2x Ludwigia repens
1x Anacharis
1x Watersprite
1x Cryptocoryne (not sure on the species)

I will be getting soon
2x Amazon Sword
and a small amount of Java Moss

The tank does not currently have any fish in it, I noticed a mild ich infection hours after I ordered my first plants, so right now I have all of my fish in a 10 gallon quarantine tank, they are:

10x Swordtail, 2 months old (from my girlfriend's swordtail pair, it's their first bunch of fry and the first lot of fry we've managed to keep)
2x Zebra Danio
3x Longfin Pearl Danio

Eventually I am hoping to get another
2x German Blue Ram
3x Honey Gourami (the number is subject to change)
6x Panda Corys
20+ RCS
and perhaps a bright schooling fish like Neon Tetras

Here is a picture when I first set up the tank, around August 22nd:

Before by treasy21, on Flickr

Here is a picture taken today, after putting in the plants I have:

After by treasy21, on Flickr

I wasn't certain what I was going to do with the substrate and I only had one bag of eco complete with the white gravel already in the tank. I decided that a single bag of eco complete wouldn't be big enough so I mixed the two together. Now I somewhat regret the deicions because it will be pretty difficult to separate the two in the future, if I want to get rid of the gravel but keep the eco-complete.

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A little update on the tank. It's been about a week since I first planted the tank and I've changed and added a few things. I had to tie my java fern to my driftwood because it would float up at the slightest disturbance, and I changed the positioning of the anubias nana on the right hand side to be level with the ground, instead of on top of the flower pot

I also added 2 amazon swords, both of which have runners growing new plants on them.

New Layout by treasy21, on Flickr

I also added my ~12 swordtail fry (2 months old) and some cherry shrimp, although the cherry shrimp were a bad idea. I fed my swordtails bloodworms last night, and they thought the cherry shrimp were another snack and proceeded to harass the shrimp for a good 30 minutes. I should've put the shrimp in my 10 gallon, but now that they're in there I won't be able to get them out.

IMG_0500 by treasy21, on Flickr

I also started dosing Flourish and Flourish Excel, which has caused my anacharis to turn brown and lose leaves. I am debating whether or not to take it on based on 1) whether or not it can come back and 2) my fish love nibbling on it

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Time for an update!

Here's a quick overview of the tank from 10/5/11

10/5/11 layout by treasy21, on Flickr

The foliage is growing in nicely, I haven't really had the Co2 running consistently for any longer than 3 days because of a leak which has since been taken care of, so I'm looking forward to seeing what my plants can do with some Co2

The Ludwigia in the midground and Watersprite behind the driftwood are my best growers, the watersprite has simply exploded back there while the Anubias nana have not seen any new growth at all.

My Swords seem to be quite happy as both my amazon swords and my pygmy chain swords have started to put out alot of runners

Sword Runner by treasy21, on Flickr

Chain Sword Runners by treasy21, on Flickr

The crypt in front of the driftwood had many of its leaves melt away, which I've read is pretty normal for a crypt moving to a new environment (i had uprooted it twice since I got it, not the most stable beginning)

I also received 2 new small crypts which have gone in opposite corners of the tank

New Crypt by treasy21, on Flickr

The person who sent me the crypts also gave me something called Lindernia rotundifolia

Lindernia rotundifolia by treasy21, on Flickr

I am disappointed in my java fern though, no new growth from the rhizome and the leaves of one of my rhizomes are rotting at the stem and developing holes in the middle

Holey Java by treasy21, on Flickr

My newest inhabitants, 5 panda corydoras, seem to be enjoying their new home. They've been in there a week and traverse every inch of substrate in the tank. They get crazy after the lights go off too and start swimming like madmen throughout the tank

Flying panda by treasy21, on Flickr

IMG_0242.JPG by treasy21, on Flickr

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cool tank.. About the java fern is it attached to driftwood? Avoid planting Java fern in the gravel the rhizome need to be attached to driftwood..
I had it in the gravel for about a week back when I got it and was careful to have the rhizome above the substrate but the plant would just float up to the top during maintenance. I tied it to my driftwood maybe 3+ weeks ago and it's gotten worse in that time
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