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First Planted Tank Pics, Feedback Please

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Some of the plants are doing better than others. I'm hoping it's just shock from shipping and they'll bounce back soon enough. I will say this much, after planting my tank I have a lot of respect for you all on the forums. This wasn't easy and I ran out of patience pretty quickly. I just hope it all works out!

And yes, I know the ground cover is spotty up front. :icon_redf

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It is a nice looking setup. It will be nice when it grows in. I like 29 gallons, I have one myself. If you are running both lights on that ZooMed, you have at least "high light", which requires CO2 and fertilization. I am also a bit concerned about the window. Does it get any direct sunlight?
The window doesn't get anything direct. I face north, so the entire apt is bright all day, but nothing straight on. And yeah, I'm running both bulbs in the ZooMed and dosing right now with Excel (until I find the time for a DIY CO2 system) and Flourish and I put some root tabs in before I planted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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