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Hey, posted this in general but was hoping id get more opinions here about what I am planning on doing for a low-tech african clawed frog planted nano tank. Let me know what you think.

Hey everyone. I am planning a planted nano tank for my African clawed frog and stumbled upon this:

What do you think?
My plan was to stock:
1 African Clawed Frog
1-2 Snails
Various low-med light plants.

The tank is 6.6 gallons, acrylic, comes with a HOB filter, 15w fluorescent (that's the only detail it gives on the light). Seems like all I'd need is a heater. I'll also grab some driftwood and was thinking seachem fluorite for a substrate. I would use seachem prime with tap water for water changes, etc. Also, dose seachem fluorish as necessary once I start getting lots of plants. What do u guys think? This would be my first planted tank, so any advice would be great! Anything you'd recommend, and do u think this would be a good tank for what I want to do? Only $39 too! Thanks.

Hi! Sounds like a good plan, my only comment would be that you have to make sure the HOB does not create too much turbulence - as this stresses ACFs. The tank is big enough, but if you can get bigger the better... I love ACFs, very smart critters.
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