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I live in the Virgin Islands and it is a nightmare to get anything shipped here. Not to mention if I want to order substrate I'm looking at 100 in shipping only! I decided to go with the natural planted tank method. I am going to follow this thread:

My tank is the following dimensions: 30" L X 12.5" W X 18" H

I need to know how much (in pounds) topsoil would I need. And also how much gravel I would need. As I see I will have to be mineralizing the soil, I want to mineralize the right amount (not too little or too much). I have to be accurate because I will also be mixing a specific amount of clay.

There is a local plant store that claims they have fine plain topsoil. They claim it is as organic as it gets. I assume I will still have to rinse the topsoil to be on the safe side.

I thank you in advance for your help. Also this is my first time having a fish tank EVER!
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