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Hi everyone i recently came here from Fishlore to ask a few questions about aquascaping since i think this is a more appropriate forum for this kind of topic.

I recently bought a hoodless 29gallon aqueon tank however i'm not planning to set it up until September(because once September arrives i will renew the lease contract) so i'm planning to start working on carpeting the tank with dwarf hair grass, to be honest i'm quite the rookie when it comes to planted tanks and i wanted to hear some suggestions on like where can i get dwarf hair grass seeds cheap, best products to enhance carpet growth, best substrate for the tank, the right aquascaping tools and a good led hood for this dimension 30"L x 13"W x 18"H.

I really adore my blue moscow guppies and i believe that the best way to care for them is delivering the most natural environment possible to promote good health and growth therefore my decision on planting a tank :smile2:. I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions on this matter Thank you very much!
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