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Started my first day of wet-drying the MGOC, I will take it slow and easy..
Just sanded and sprayed the waterproof seal to my DIY ADA stand, here is a pic:

Can't do much about the fish tank until the stand is ready


Finally finished the stand!
I have been working on the MGOC more than a month. However it is still forming smelly bubble to the water surface. I am gonna use it anyway...
Started Planning for the tank since Dec 2012. Finally decided to make a Journal to record the progress here.


I have been reading about El Natural for a while and finally decided to setup my first tank. (Christmas Bonus certainly helped

I am gathering all the materials and so far i have the following:

ADA 60H (24"W x 12"D x 18"H)
Ray 2 7000k LED light
Eheim 2211 filter for water flow
DIYing a ADA wood stand, in the process of sanding it.
MG Organic Choice Potting Soil
Eco-Complete on top of the soil (like the black color)
Found a nice looking driftwood somewhere in Everglades. I'll probably place it like the photo below:
Can you go into more detail as to how your prepared the MGOPS before you added it to the tank?.

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The Christmas tree looking plant could be Mermaid Weed (Proserpinaca palustris). It's capable of radical changes in color and leaf shape. Under low light can be deep green, with oblong, serrated leaves. Under high light/CO2 it it turns bright reddish brown with very spikey leaves.

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