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First Planted Tank-37 Gallon

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Hey Guys I just joined here and am setting up my first planted aquarium. As of rn I have a 37 gallon tank that has been cycling for 4 weeks with 8 rummy nose tetras in it and a couple of stems of elodea. I am currently running a basic 17W T8 starter kit fixture but recently purchased a new light. I am on a budget as a college student and have to make this cheap as possible. Here is what I have (new light will be listed).
37Gallon Tank 30 wide 12 deep 22 high
Odyssea 2x24W 6500K T5HO
Pool Sand Substrate 5" average thickness
Sun Sun 304B
150W heater
5 10-20" non intricate pieces of driftwood (Currently Soaking in a cooler)
Some small rocks and fake decorations that i dont plan on using

I found a cheap seller on eBay and told me I could customize a package. This is what I believe I am going to get all for a good price <$40
5x anubias
1x amazon sword
8x amazon frog bit
10x moneywort
5x Rotala indica
3[censored]Green Crypts
2[censored]bundles of Dwarf Hairgrass
2[censored] Java Ferns,
5[censored]Jungle Vallisneria
2 red crypts
3 Alternanthera Reineckii
4-8 MTS (snails)

I might not get this wee of a variety and just get more of the same plants but I dont exactly know which ones will be best with my light, substrate, and lack of C02 (thinking of making a diy). So if anyone can share experiences with some of these plants and which are best for me and my equipment that would be great. Also how intense would my light be rated? Medium low? I know the WPG doesn't mean much. I am planning on using osmecote plus root tabs from eBay as well. Do i need a layer of soil under the sand like a Walsted tank? I also have an air bubbler should I use that? Any info or advice is great and will try and answer any questions for me quickly.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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