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First Planted Tank : 29 Gallon

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New 29 Gallon!
So i decided to take a lunge into planted tanks. This specific tank has been set up for about 4 months, but the only types of plants that actually "lived" in there was moss.

Heres my current set up:

-Sun-Sun Hw302 Filter [Great Filter in my opinion]​

-Odyssea 48wt T-5HO Fixture
- 1 24Wt 10000k Bulb, and one 24Wt 6700k Bulb​

A mixture of Cabri-Sea Flora-Max and Eco-Complete​

Using Flourish Excel (Setting up pressurized Co2 soon!)​

Using Flourish, but will eventually use dry ferts.​

Dwarf Hair Grass as foreground, flame moss and some unidentified moss. [I NEED AND WANT MORE PLANTS, PLEASE SUGGEST SOME]

  • 2 Angelfish
  • 6 seprea tetras
  • 2 Common Plecos
    I'll be stocking up more fish later on, also some snails.

Posting pictures soon!
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You will have to remove the ebay link because they are not allowed to be posted... Once you get pressurized co2 i would get vals as a background plan or maybe some easy stems like sunset hygro.
Sorry, ebay link removed. I'll post some pics soon so you can recommend me some plants!
Hey Very nice! i'm loving the driftwood! Been wanting to get some myself but now I don't have the room for it in my tank :p This is going to look awesome once it's all grown in and you get some other plants ^^

I'm guessing the netting on the DW is for moss? I think it's gonna look good ;)

As for suggestions, it's all up to you and what you want, there's a *LOT* of choices out there and i'd suggest looking at a bunch of the other journals to get some idea's of what you wanna buy. But to answer you're request, the plants I'm liking right now are and could work for you are:
Amazon sword
Echinodorus Tenellus <-Tho this one is a bit like the hair grass so no need for you
Any Rotala, tho i personally prefer Rotala Rotundifolia right now <- Nice red stem plant
Limnophila Aromatica <- Also nice stem plant but it can a bit difficult to grow
Most of the ludwiga's look nice and most are red
Any Staurogyne species i think look really great - they're all green, can be difficult tho.
Bacopa is easy but isn't as nice looking as some of the others IMO but still good.

Staurogyne's also do good here like S. Repens(Tropica 049) or 'Porto Velho' but they're picky

Just search around abit, i'll pm ya a catalog i got from another member here that has a bunch w/pics and requirements for them. Also definitely check the 'Plant Profiles' at the top of the page, and remember to research research research before you buy the plants.

Most of the one's I listed FYI you won't want to get until you get all you're ferts+root tabs+co2 going, hope that helps a bit and good luck! :)
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How do you like that light? I just ordered a 36" version for a tank Im setting up...

...your tank looks great. I love that driftwood. I've long been debating the SunSun filter. It gets great reviews and the price is really hard to ignore. You're gonna love what happens when you hit that tank with Co2.
Yep, im growing Flame moss on the DW! I hope to take off the ugly mesh when it fills in.
I've been looking at many plants but can't really find any to my liking. Thanks for the catalog!
The light is great, all it needs is a better reflector. And for only 40$, it's an amazing deal!
I HIGHLY believe that the SUN-SUN filter can out preform one of those high priced name brand canister filters out there. Just be careful with the pipes, cause they can crack easily. It's also only 50$, a amazing deal for 265 gph.
- I've been adding Excel, and my DHG has been sending some runners, hope to have pressurized soon!
Anyone suggest any websites for buying plants!?!?
Anyone suggest any websites for buying plants!?!?
I was waiting to see if anyone else said anything, but besides the swap-n-shop here that I highly recommend, there's aquabid(make sure it's a USA seller if you live in USA) also there's a SnS at Aquaticplantcentral and barrreport, which are also good forums/info. Sweetaquatics and Arizona aquatic gardens are also good places to order from. Drsfoster&smith is good(liveaquaria) and there's some stuff on eBay as well but yeah, make sure its US seller to make sure it'll arrive nicely
I definately reccomend getting on the SNS here they are great and most of the time you get more than you think you will get. Also i love the driftwood. I think it would look great and clean up the tank equipment a bit if you moved the big piece in the middle to the left corner. Then move the smaller piece near the middle but offset some to give it a more natural look. Also i use black hair nets to tie my moss on driftwood it is a clean look you cant really tell its even there and your moss will grow a little faster because of more light. Just my 2 cents. Cant wait to see this tank filled in.
Yea I should used a black hairnet. It's too late now, because the flame moss is starting to rise. Will take some pics soon!

Sorry my internet was down for about a week!

So the flame moss has been growing great, nothing from the hairgrass.
I'll be injecting Co2 shorty after i refill my Co2 tanks!
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Sad news.... After i filled up my Paint ball Co2 tanks, i went ahead and start pumping Co2 into the tanks. I mis-read my Co2 Drop Checker, as it showed a low reading of Co2 in the tank. I decided to increase my bps higher, which lead to a massive overdose of Co2. This killed all my livestock, EVERYTHING!!!

So I decided to start over again, with a semi-new scape.... and new list of fish (Any suggestions)

Here are some photos: 2/5/2011 Sorry for the bad quality!

Added a batch of CorkScrew Vals, and readjusted the driftwood a little bit

-Does anyone know the size of the Sun-Sun Hw302 filter tubbing? I'm looking into buying Lily Tubes, and an inline heater and need the sizing for it! Thanks!
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The sunsun 302 tubing is 5/8" ^^

That really sucks about gassing the fauna tho! I'm sorry for your losses there :( really digging the new scape tho ;)
Yeah, terrible loss! I'm hoping to see this tank grow in, this is my first planted tank and wish the best for it.
Little update, the DH is sending out some runners, but the vals are melting...
Will post pics soon!
Looks good man. everything is all thick and lucsh now. good job
A few pictures. Will be doing a COMPLETE rescape soon.

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Does anyone have design plans for a custom stand for a 29 gallon?
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