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Were it me,(and it ain't) I would set up the tank ,level it, place the substrate and heater in the tank and fill it with dechlorinated water (see PRIME for dechlorinator).
Would then hook up/plug in filter's loaded with pad's or foam inserted into basket's. Biomedia is not all that important in planted aquarium but you can place some in one of the basket's if you choose.
I would then let the tank run with no fishes for next month while I bought lot's fast growing plant's that do not need much light.
Water sprite,vallisneria,anacharis,Hygrophilia,ludwigia, along with some foreground plant's such as crypt's and some Anubia that you can attach to wood.
Would plant these plant's as thick and as many as I could.
Would source some dry fertilizer's(macro/micronutrient's) from or
Would adopt consistent nutrient dosing in addition to nutrient's that may or may not be found in the substrate until the tank ages a bit.
Would run the one finnex 24/7 for six hours a day total for first few week's (4).
Fishes would be last thing to go in the tank after I had some success with getting the plant's off to good start and the time needed for this to happen could be spent researching Discus and their care.
Plenty of time after plant's are established to tweak lighting,and try different more demanding plant's but is confidence builder to see some early success rather than battling algae from the get go (see too much light for too long).
Would not worry bout cycling the tank,just about cramming it with plant's that grow fast and considered easy.
Plenty of time to swap em out later.
Medium to high light in the beginning ,is not your friend.
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