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This is my very first post after months of research and so much confusion I have finally dove in and this weekend go to pick up my first ordered aquarium in the hopes of creating a beautiful underwater oasis of unique plants and fish/critters that thrive and interact with each other in their own little aquatic world.

Here is what I have picked out for purchase In the coming days

* 60 gal marineland 48 in long x 13 inch wide x 24 inch deep with two 24 inch flourescents and with beautiful modern black stand
* Fluval canister filter 75 gal capacity --- may buy the 100 gal capacity...thoughts here?
* Finnex planted plus 24/7 48 inch LED light
* 300 watt Aquatop submersible heater
* Four 20 lb bags of Caribsea Eco Complete in black
* API freshwater aquarium master test kit
* Seachem Flourish Excel 500 ml
- Am I missing other starting essentials?

I am wanting to do mid to high light planted aquarium with Discuss, and schooling fish, and potentially rainbows, also wanting to have shrimp interacting in moss beds and want to use Malaysian Driftwood to create gnarled trees and roots in which I will incorporate plants into and caves with....

Please let me know what else I should be buying and what steps I should take to get all of this running and cycled in this next month
......also what should I keep as fillers in the three cartridges in my frugal canister filter to maximize growth...... Please keep in mind I am trying hard to stay away from CO2 because of the cost
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