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First iwagumi Fluval Spec V Scape Advice

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Hi all,

I am here to ask for some advice on my first iwagumi scape. I have played with different stone arrangements for days now and i think it is time to ask the experts here on TPT.

Set up specs:
Tank - Fluval spec V
Lighting - stock (probably gonna change to spiral CFL)
Filtration - stock
Substrate - Florite black 1in capped with florite black sand
Hardscape - Seiryu stone

I have 20lb of stone total so there is more to choose from see pick below.

I have also included a pic of my initial attempt at a Scape tell me what you think.

Anny and all advice or comments are welcome.


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You should rearrange it a couple more times, take more pictures and put it to a vote!
I will definitely put it to a vote once i get a few more renditions of the scape.

I think the two on the left are getting there but the one on the right is out of place. I'm having the same trouble. Ive only done reef tanks and every time I try to scape my spec v it turns out looking like a reef. Very frustrating.
I totally agree the stone to the right is giving me the most trouble. I will do a new scape this evening and post the results. I am thinking of keeping far left stone as is and totally replacing others.

Try to keep the substrate line at the front straight, having the smallest stone in the middle
makes it a bit off
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Thanks for the advice a nice straight line will help for sure. It kinda pulls your eye down when it is not even. I will incorporate a nice straight line into the scape this evening.

Thanks to all for their advice and suggestions so far. Keep it coming.

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I really like that claw-like stone you have on the left. If it were me, I would try to make that one the focal point and have it be the middle stone, with some smaller ones on either side.

remember the golden mean!
Shadey, thanks for the advice the pictures really helped.

Well here is the new scape, I tried to keep claw like stone and incorporate more smaller stones to complement it. This is pretty challenging for someone with no artistic ability like myself. I spent well over an hour rearranging before I had to settle on a look and go to bead.


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