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First fish tank

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I have been keeping fish for some time now. Around 8 years to be exact. And throughout my time keeping fish I have had quite a few tanks. I have never been able to stick with one size tank. My first tank was a 10 gallon tank that I got when I was around 9 years old. I ended up buying part by part slowly over a couple months. I first started off with the ten gallon tank itself, I put it in my closet and would sit and think about what I was going to do with it. Eventually on my birthday I was taken to a pet store to get the majority of the equipment as you can imagine I was ecstatic. Although being 9 I did not have a lot of choices when it came to the equipment for the tank. I ended up with a bag of blue, turquoise, and green gravel, an Undergravel filter with uplift tubes and charcoal exhaust outlets, an air pump, a heater, a marineland penguin biowheel filter, a black lid and a light. Basically the setup was like what you would find in a 10 gallon starter kit at walmart. Although it had some extras. I set the tank up when we got home and did all the normal steps you would do to set up a tank. And you know how it is to be 9 and you are ready for fish. Luckily my mom had done some research about tank cycling and told me it would have to wait. The tank was empty other than the gravel, and the water was cloudy, but it was exciting to see it all coming together. After about a week I got some money in the mail from some distant relatives for my birthday. I went to petco to get some decorations. I got a little rock mound with two holes for the fish to swim in. I also got some actually nicer looking plastic amazon swords and some fake plastic hornwort and egeria densa. I also got a bag of small black pebbles that I scattered all over the substrate. I waited one more week and I bought 2 neon tetras (yes I know they are schooling fish now). They where added to the tank and all went fine. 3 days later one of them died, so we checked the water parameters with the test strips and noticed that the nitrites where pretty high. We waited for about a month and got more fish and everyone survived! I ended up having 4 neon tetras, a blue gourami, a skunk cory.

Anybody else have a story about there first fish tank?