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first ever scape

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recommendations and opinions wanted :icon_smil
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NIce driftwood... dunno why but your tank would look great with those moss ropes
Very nice. I like the simplicity of it. I would recomend a background to create a nice contrast.

Did you just set this up? If so I would recomend putting some fast growing stem plants in there (unless there are already some that I cant see). I just started up my first planted tank without putting fast growing plants in and as everyone predicted I had an outburst of algae.

I would love to see a closer shot of the tank.
im gonna borrow my grandads camera and then post up some new pictures
octopus check my thread in the nano section theres a list of plants i used in there:)
and thank you for the compliments
and frozen barb im going to use a few moss rope ladders later on once my java and pearl mosses are better established :)
ok so heres the list of plants
enchinodorus tennellus dwarf chain sword
versicularis dubyana java moss
monoselenium tenernum erounous pelia
micranthemum micrathemoides small helsine
plagiomnium unnamed pearl moss
Nice tank I really like it , simple and greats ;)
Maybe you can improve that with a stem plant behind the driftwood amd put the moss at the end of the branchs.
Get a smaller piece of insulation. The big chunk is kind of distracting. I see you like to skateboard.
was once sponsored mr belvedere but i snapped my ankle and had to rethink things, thats why im at college. and the insulation was the only thing i could get hold of at such short notice, ill get some thin stuff at some point just dont when.
i have done a slight rescape in that the moss is now at the end of the branches
gas, behind the drift wood theres alot of hm but as of yet its too short to be seen from normal veiwing angles
another picture from a diffrent angle, tank photography is difficult
Were you sponsored by Spitfire?

Some people use mousepads, yoga mats, bulletin cork, etc. You could get away with something quite thin.

Tank looks good.
i was on a uk company, death, but i got broke and well the rests history
i was going to use cork mat but i was scared it wasnt going to be thick enough
i might go to the camping supplys and get a camping mat, its more or less the same stuff as the ada garden mat
How large is your tank and how flat/stable is the surface it rests on?
my tank is 18 by 12 by 12, 10 gallons, the surface is ok its made from old pallets my dads a genius with wood, its extrememly stable, braced in all the right areas, it was ment for a tv but since i dont watch the idiot box now i use torrents i thought id put it to use.
it was ment for a tv but since i dont watch the idiot box .
Nicely put! LOL

i was on a uk company, death, but i got broke and well the rests history.
Same thing happened to me, but I was never sponsored, and I didn't snap my ankle, just fractured my wrist:icon_roll

Anyway, That tank would look great as an invert tank with 50 crs running around:thumbsup:
snapped wrists are nothing :p
i shattered my ankle, its in seven peices held together with a metal plate, doesnt hurt but limits movement, its fine though im used to it, still skate when i have time.
it was originally conceived as a invert tank after i realised my favourite fish, guppies, would be quiet unsuitable.
im thinking 8-10 neon tetras for it to go with the 7 tiger shrimps i have on there way i dont know, i dont want to over stock but i want to maintain the simple beauty i accidentally created here
If that is truly your first scape, it's a heck of an effort. Much better than the corn field I planted on my first try. Take care to accent the wood with medium height plant species. It's a very dominating piece of hardscape. You've done well to soften it a bit with some moss.
that wood is amazing, but why did you cut the branches? it would look amazing if they go out from the water.
urinda,thank you for the compliments on the wood, it was well worth the £8 ($14) i payed for it and the scape, to be fair i did have some brilliant guidance from memebers of the forum, namely jaunbeegas so credit where credits due to him.
hello ikuzo, i didnt cut the branches thats just how it came, i did have them poking out the water but it started to float after a long battle to get it to sink so ive tied some slate to it with cotton till it sinks again then ill conspire to pack some aquasoil underneath so some of the branches break the surface :)
wow, then you did a really good job keeping it sinking. i always buy my driftwood if they already sink by itself. do you have trouble tying the moss on the wood? it seems like they're loosely tied. or if you do that on purpose, i suggest spreading the moss thin and tie it tightly on the wood. it will grow and form a lot better shape.
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