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Not sure if this should go here or in the terrarium section, but I've got plants in a tank and I'm going to journal it, so I'm throwing it here. I just finished some upgrades to my setup a couple days ago, but began this whole process about a month and a half ago, so I'll have to backtrack a bit.

I had been researching emersed and wanting to give it a try. I was mostly interested in aroids, but also thinking of including things like jewel orchids and neps. I kind of scrapped the terrestrials for now since I've fallen hard for the aroids.

I was still only researching when I saw Centromochlus was selling off all his Buces. I couldn't resist getting some. I was nervous though, having never tried a Buce or emersed. I also had almost nothing bought for a setup. Due to all that I only got five. Guess how much I regret not trying to get more now?

Pretty crappy picture for a super basic setup. I had to buy the heater and the pots after ordering the plants, that's how far behind I was. That was a 10 gallon with heater and a single T8 bulb. Plants were all in a 60/40 mixture of sphagnum peat moss and MGOCPM.

That is a few weeks later. The plants were all moved to three inch net pots with coco tech liners. I also added a thin layer of play sand under the buces since I didn't know if that would prevent fungus. I'm still not sure if that was a good idea or bad. I also added some Java fern and formerly submerged crypts from bigstick120. One final addition was the egg crate under the pots.

The Crypt nurii converted to emersed with almost no problems. Barely even lost any leaves. I also learned how to take pictures. I have many of each individual plant, but don't want to bore anyone.

I added 5 more Buces from ryantube, but don't have any full tank shots of the 10 gallon then and I just promised not to show too many pictures of individual plants.

This was the upgrades from a couple days ago. 55 gallon tank with an Odyssea dual T5HO, as well as a Maxi-Jet to add some current.

A couple of the Buces from ryantube seem to have suffered under my care with some lost leaves. Not sure what I did wrong with them as I care for everything the same. I'm hoping they recover and just are adjusting. Other than that though things have gone very well. Still debating the need of a misting system, but thinking it might be a good idea. Right now I hand mist.

Current grow list:
Bucephalandra 'kir royale'
Bucephalandra 'artemis'
Bucephalandra 'green chile'
Bucephalandra 'gunung sumpit'
Bucephalandra 'mentarang kal-timur'
Bucephalandra 'centipede 2'
Bucephalandra 'theia brown'
Bucephalandra 'bukit biru'
Bucephalandra 'sanggau'
Bucephalandra 'semuntai 2'
Cryptocoryne nurii
Microsorum pteropus 'threadleaf'

I know I said no individual pictures unless asked, but can't resist showing this one. After 2 and a half week of watching it, my first spathe finally opened today!

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