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Hello fellow planted tank friends! I hope the new year is treating everyone well! I am in the process of setting up a brand new 55 gallon. I had a used tank setup for over a year and just broke it down due to an algae problem caused by laziness. All my fish are happy and healthy in their temporary 15 gallon home so I am taking the time to try and dry start some HC. I used the EcoComplete substrate from the old tank as my base layer and covered it with one large and one small bag of ADA Amazonia. The EcoComplete had been washed well with good tap water and tossed in the tank wet. Then I placed the rocks and poured in the Amazonia and misted it till moist with some mature tank water from the 15 gallon. The HC came from the old tank. Spread it around on the soil and lightly patted it down then misted again. Covered the whole thing with cling wrap and got my Finnex FugeRay Planted+ and 2 24" Marineland LED plant lights fired up. Set them for 12 on 12 off. I plan on misting every other day and letting it go for 4+ weeks. Wish me luck! Water Pet supply Wood Fish supply Fish
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