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This is my first attempt at a dirted tank...been over 5 years since I've done a planted tank so it's quite fun.

40g West African River
Yes, the tannins are on purpose.


1x African Bushfish (Ctenopoma acutirostre)
1x African Butterflyfish (Pantodon bucholzi)
7x Random livebearers (temporary)
12x Synodontis nigriventris


1x Sponge filter (1200gph powerhead)
1x Eheim 2211
2x 39w
2x 39w T5HO
2x 14w T5NO
Tank = 40g (36x12x20)

Making the mud

Getting hairy

A few weeks ago (October 20th 2012)

Last week (November 20th 2012)


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i love the west african theme and stock list! whats your pH?

- thefisherman
Thanks, pH is 7.0, kH 5, gH 6

I love the Tim Horton's cup. Lol
Double double :) it's an addiction, really

what type of leaves are those/ what are they for? just for more tannis? haha i kind of like the natural look of tannis though
Those are oak leaves, I rinse them then dry them out then add them. I think they are Red Oak if I'm not mistaken. The Synodontis love them.
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