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Hello All,
Today is my first day as a member but I have been cruising through these forums for about 3 months now. I picked up my second 55g tank from a lady in town and was looking to do something different. Needless to say the enthusiasm of the people on this site have sold me on the idea of a planted tank. I am trying to digest all the amazing information on this site and take my time to do everything as close to correct as possible. So, I have the aquarium and stand that I purchased from the lady in town. And I went to the Denver Aquarium Society Auction(I believe it was October maybe November 2012) and got some really good deals on some eco-complete and a piece of driftwood and a 4 bulb t5ho light. I have also purchased a hydor heating cable and thermostat. I also have a digital thermometer. I found a regulator at a pawn shop for a really good price and will slowly get the parts to build it up. I am slowly getting all the parts I need ( I think ).
So, a quick overview of what I think I am planning for the tank. I am thinking a med to high light setup. I am going to go with the high pressure co2 setup. Of course black eco-complete for the substrate with the heater cable in the substrate. The one piece of pretty good size driftwood and maybe a few rocks to balance. I am leaning toward just a few different plants keeping the variety to a minimum. Maybe dwarf hairgrass in foreground and maybe cabomba and anacharis for background and some rotala indica for midground. Haven't really decided on a moss for the rocks and driftwood. I am thinking of a canister filter and injecting to co2 into the filter lines to keep excess piping out of tank. For fauna I want to go with some red cherry shrimp and some dwarf danios. I want to keep the fauna small to emphasize the plants but I do like to have them.
Sorry for the long rambling post but I have already gotten the planted tank fever and I don't even have the tank setup yet. LOL
If there is anything anyone can suggest to make this new tank successful please don't hesitate to comment. And I will try to keep you up to date on the progress but like I said I am going to take it nice and slow.
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