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First berried CRS!

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I just got home from my business trip and noticed that I have a berried CRS! I'm super stoked! I feel like I'm finally making progress with my CRS. And I have to say, without the TPT forum and the very generous members here, I would have been lost. I think what has helped my CRS become healthier thus more likely to breed, is feeding them a more varied diet. And I have to thank ravensgate for being so kind and going out of her way to send me so many different samples of good quality shrimp food.

Now I just hope she carries her eggs until they hatch. Should I seperate her into my breeding net in a few weeks? Or do you think that would stress her, and possibly cause her to drop the eggs? I have nothing in my tank that poses a threat to shrimplets. Other than my HOB filters that could potentially suck small babies into it. I do have the intakes covered with pantyhose but, I would hate to have even one sucked into my filter.

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Cover the filter intake with some sort of netting. That's all.
Intakes are covered. I haven't seemed to have lost any baby cherries into my filters. I'm just trying to be over cautious I guess...

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That is very cool, congratulations!!! I too love this forum and many members are very helpful. The pantyhose should keep the little ones safe and I think moving to the net would be un-needed and stressful, plus that would restrict access to biofim and algae for the newly hatched young.

But as always, listen to all the advice you will get and use it to decide for yourself!
WOOT! Congrats! I would say leave her be to avoid stress but I don't have CRS so perhaps not listening to me would be wise;) And you're of course very welcome:)
You should get a prefilter sponge for your hob. They are less than $3 and will work and look a lot better than mesh or panyhose.
Get a Stainless steel mesh strainer! It's much less of a problem to deal with, compared to having to clean out clogged sponge prefilters every 3 days.
Congratulations :) Once you have shrimplets you might not want to move anything in your tank for a few weeks in case you squash one. So if you have something that needs moving, do it sooner rather than later. Having said that, I wouldn't change a thing and keep things stable!
check on the sale trade i notice they are selling the stainless steel intake that are shrimp safe, you might want to look into that. get a breeder box for marina that way you can know that they are safe and you can count them, and feed them separately, you might want to look into bebi <-- borneo wild product can help with feedings for the baby shrimps, and you might want to get borneo wild shield this can prevent deaths and molt problem. ~ sincerely Jack
I was considering moving the female into a breeder net when the eggs get closer to hatching. I did this with my RCS and they did fine. And it was reasuring to be able to see and closely control the babies feeding. However at the time I had fish in my tank so it was my only option.

Now I have only shrimps, ( plus two nerites and two otto's) My tank is heavily planted, I have plenty of Java Moss and healthy green algae on my rocks. So the babies have plenty of bio-film to graze on and no predators. So I think I am leaning towards leaving my berried CRS in the 20g and let things take course.

I am considering changing the pantyhose I have covering the intake on my HOB filters. But then again, they don't get clogged very often ( I turn the filters off and rub the pantyhose and net out any debri about once a week) and to my knowledge none of my baby RCS have been sucked into my filters. So part of me says, if it ain't broke don't fix it."

Here are my water parameters.

Temp 72-74F
pH 6.6-6.7
GH 5
KH 0-1
TDS 170-190
Nitrates < 5ppm
Amonia 0
Nitrites 0
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Congrats! I just leave my berried CRS in the tank and I have had three successful batches thus far.

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So I have a question about tank temp. My tank temp varies from 71-74F throughout the course of 24hrs. I can keep my tank at a constant 74F but no lower because of when my AC comes on, time of day etc. I have read that 74F is ideal for CRS from some posts, but the majority seem to think 72F is better.

So my question is, would I be better to let my tank fluctuate between 71-74F as it is now? Or would it be better to turn my heater up a bit so that my tank stays at a constant 74?

Here is a picture of my berried CRS. She was under a rock at the time so I'm not sure if you can see the eggs or not. But they are definitely there!

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The temperature fluxuation by a few degrees +/- should be fine. Just dont swing past 5+/- degrees e.g. hitting 78/79 as will start stressing the momma
The temperature fluxuation by a few degrees +/- should be fine. Just dont swing past 5+/- degrees e.g. hitting 78/79 as will start stressing the momma
Cool. The temp never gets above 74 and usually never gets below 72F, sometimes I notice it gets to 71F before my heater kicks on.

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