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Hello, I decided to get into the hobby and do aquascaping. The brother of a friend has been giving me advise on what's available locally and where the deals are. He's also going to give me some plants to get started.

I have a 3 gallon tank, acrylic with a very decent (I'd even say oversized) filter. It all came as a kit (TOM Deco Kit 3). I had this tank for a while but it has been gathering dust a lot of that time.

I decided I wanted to place the tank in a night stand that I have in a corner of my bedroom, no windows nearby. It's intended to be viewed from the front and from one side.

I cleaned the tank inside and out with some plastic polish product called PlastX. Some reefer guys have had success with it so I figured hardier freshwater organisms will do fine.

After thoroughly cleaning the tank, I bought some Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum. The smallest 2kg bag was plenty to play with height. In fact, in one of the corners of the layout, the substrate reaches about half the tank height. I decided I would have a slope from the back to the front as recommended by everybody, to add depth.

If you look at the pictures you'll see that I used some very large river stones. I haven't quite found anything like those stones in an aquascape on the internet. It's what I had in hand and I had surprisingly a good variety of those. They were washed and scrubbed.

Yes they're white, and the substrate is brown-black, but I plan to plant a carpet of dwarft hairgrass so it shouldn't look that bad.

I kind of like the aquascape, but I'm not sure about the positioning of the smaller stones. I think they look a bit awkward as they are right now. If I remove them I feel the aquascape looks incomplete.

Mind you, this is my second setup ever. First one was when I was like 12. I'm now hitting about 2 decades, more or less :wink2:.

I'd like to hear your opinions, comments and criticism. Thank you!


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