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Hi all,

This is my first planted tank after much lurking in the forum.

Tank Specs:
Eheim 2211
Gush Obubble 10 outflow
Gush gnano 13 inflow
pressurized co2
Up aqua Z series LED light
ADA power sand s (bottom)
ADA aquasoil amazonia (middle)
ANS planta soil (top)
Pressurized Co2 (indicator lime green)

May not be the nicest tank but here is the picture:

I just set up this tank 3 days ago and planted the HC in submerged. Even though I notice pearling on some of the leaves, A few stalks are turning dark green/ brown . I am afraid it will melt.

Do I cut the brown leaves away or can I leave it?

I started the seachem dosing method today as well... Just the NPK, flourish and excel according to the Seachem dosing guide.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Cut brown leaves away if you're feeling proactive, leave them if you're feeling lazy.

It is beneficial to the plant to cut them off. Kind of like having a leg amputated that was going to be infected forever.
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