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Hey guys,
This is my first post on plantedtank forums as well as my first planted tank.
I've managed a freshwater fish department for about 8 months now, and have experience with freshwater as well as saltwater tanks, water chemistry and a particular interest in cichlids.

I've browsed YouTube and this website for information for a while now and feel a little bit behind. I should have had a planted tank years ago.

Anyway my first plantedtank is now set up , and I'm open to all advice and critiques! All plants added today.

10g tank with 7gal HOB stuffed with polyfiber, a small bag of purigen , and a ton of biomedia
10gallon marina heater
2 corallife 50/50 20w bulbs (too much?)
2 DIY 2L co2 reactors going at about 1 bubble per .8 sec. On during light hours only (Too much?)
Inch layer of fluorite substrate, inch layer of black sand.
2 packs of plants (cardinal , bacopa)
Dwarf hair grass spread out .

I'm already loving it!


1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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