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Firebellied Newt Vivarium

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Hi people,
Some of you may have seem my thread I created back in November asking questions about buying a new newt tank. Well I did. It is lit with a simple reading light to keep the plants alive, and is a very simple set up with just a Elite Mini filter and rocks (as well as a gravel substrate)
Here it is:

And here's the newts, who seem very happy in their new home:

He was breathing on the glass and creating condensation, but was confused about what was happening. :icon_lol:

Some slightly older pics:

The tank is 2 foot long but just 6 UK Gallons. The newts seem happy though!
Enjoy! :icon_smil
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nice tank! Take out the perry winkle shells though, since they could be a problem later on...

Ok, I was told they'd be ok...? :)
No, just take them out. It will screw with your water parameters since they're mainly calcium and those types of things... so they'll bring your KH and GH up probably...

Wow, those are some pretty lucky newts!
Wow, those are some pretty lucky newts!
lol thanks. They do seem a lot happier than before in that tank. A lot more lively. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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