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Hello All,

I'm new to aquascaping, tanks, fishes, freshwater and everything that comes with :smile2:, and I am willing to do something nice and beautiful. So I'd like some suggestions about equipments, which at the end, I can have an attractive setup.

The tank will be a rimless FireAqua 9 or 14G. Which the last is something similar to a ADA 60P +-
I intend to add some red rocks, moss and driftwood. A betta and a gang of neon tetras.

But at an equipment level, I need a filter. Thinking about an external filter with the hoses, will turn the aquarium not attractive, since the hoses are black (Fluval 106 or 206), as well as the clippers that will attach them to the aquarium. There are the ADA filter, which comes in glass, but that costs a lot...

Suggestion on lighting.

So, anyone could lead me to a nice attractive nano setup and with good quality.

I did look a lot, but I see a lot of people saying different things though...

Any help would be appreciated.

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