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FireAqua 9 or 14G - Aquascaping

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Hello All,

I'm new to aquascaping, tanks, fishes, freshwater and everything that comes with :smile2:, and I am willing to do something nice and beautiful. So I'd like some suggestions about equipments, which at the end, I can have an attractive setup.

The tank will be a rimless FireAqua 9 or 14G. Which the last is something similar to a ADA 60P +-
I intend to add some red rocks, moss and driftwood. A betta and a gang of neon tetras.

But at an equipment level, I need a filter. Thinking about an external filter with the hoses, will turn the aquarium not attractive, since the hoses are black (Fluval 106 or 206), as well as the clippers that will attach them to the aquarium. There are the ADA filter, which comes in glass, but that costs a lot...

Suggestion on lighting.

So, anyone could lead me to a nice attractive nano setup and with good quality.

I did look a lot, but I see a lot of people saying different things though...

Any help would be appreciated.

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Cheap lighting = chihiros a series or rgb / desk lamp with a 6500k bulb

Eheim filter is an investment you won't regret. Connect some transparant tubes with lily pipes and voila ada style. I would aim for a filter that pumps 10x your tank per hour. Example if your tank is 20 gallon get a filter that claims to pump 200 gallon per hour. This way you have plenty of flow which is nice for a high tech tank. Add some seachem purigen on top of it
Filter media setup

upload image

ADA 60p is a great size to begin with not to small not to big.

Rimless tank great choice ;)

Buy hardscape and play in a cardboard box(same size as your aquarium) to get a scape that you like. When you like the scape, set it up in your aquarium. Follow the rule of the thirds (golden ratio/focal points), watch for inspiration tanks and try to "copy" them. Make pictures of your tank and ask for feedback. (on pictures you can improve things better than from watching it in real life IMO)


Get a good rich substrate with ferts like ada aqua soil, tropica etc. Make sure to cycle your tank which is easy with new ada aqua soil as it leeches ammonia for 2-6 weeks.

A co2 system is a great way to grow plants better / more lush a.k.a. that something nice and beautiful you are aiming for. Also easier to fight algae.

Important factors for plant growth are fertilisers, lighting and co2.

I still miss a ton of things probably you need to read a lot over and over again about this subject.

Do as much research as you can. You will benefit from that! Be patience in this hobby :)
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