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I must get rid of all the Rili (maybe15-20), Reduce the number of Endlers and Fire Reds by about 20. Just picked up a new camera and did not get any pics yet. If anyone is interested in the Austin area, I will try to get you a pic. If you are interested in 10 or more, they will be priced very good. Thank you.

The Rili are gone. Still can come up with 10-12 Fire Reds @ 2 dollars each and still have the Endlers. FreshPuff just picked up some shrimp and if you have any concerns you may check with him. Thank you.....

The Endlers are all spoken for...

The Rili are gone, the Endlers are gone and still have a few Fire Red Shrimp if anyone is interested.

12/29/12 Everything has been sold..... Thank you for the great response.


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