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What do you think of the comparrison?

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  • It's ok but needs some work

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I checked "I like it" rather than "it needs more work" because it helped me to see in
writing what I had mentally evaluated before about the better choice for my new build.
When the LED fixtures first came out on the Planted+ there were several threads on here for almost a year that stated the red bulbs are not being recognized by the standard PAR meter. Your research doesn't seem to acknowledge that at all.
Simply stated, These fixtures have a greater PAR value than stated which INcreases
as the number of Red bulbs goes up relevant to the number of white bulbs.
Then also I sincerely doubt that under 16" from the sub that you would actually need a 2/1 ratio on the R/B bulbs. And my 10g tanks have even less need since the fixture is
about 11" from the sub.
My build issue is this. I'm trying to force myself to go LED on it.
I feel that the warmer is better and I also know it's better for the plants use.
The 24" model is actually a couple of inches short for what I need and the 30" ends up being longer than I need. I have a need for 26" of fixture.
But now after reading this thread it's easier for me to see I'd be much better getting
the longer one for this build so thank you for that.

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I have 45+ PAR as of this moment in a 10g. That is why I'm leaning towards more red.
I use extra PAR(over what is normal for a non-injected tank) in order to keep some
algae growing in my tank(s).
So since these fixtures are lower than that, I'll hardly have the amount that I would like to without hoping the extra PAR that those red bulbs give added to the better plants energy use given by both the red and blue bulb will add at least some of that higher level that is desired. Longer hrs will then be how the algae level is adjusted.
So higher numbers of the red are what I want and I noticed the numbers take a big jump upward @ the 30" fixture.
The plants get more percent of the energy from red/blue bulbs than they do from white bulbs.
The tank looks brighter to our eyes with all white bulbs but the plants get more energy from the fixture which, given the same overall number of bulbs,
has some red/blue ones in there.
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