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Hi All,

I just put this light in one of my tanks and I have to say, "whoa" is the tank bright. 29Gal Aqueon tank.

It's so bright I am wondering if that stresses out my fish? They do have places to hide under etc. but still I'd like to hear what the consensus is with this bright light. I'd love to see my plants flourish but I also am a fishkeeper and I do care about my fish.

These are the specs. on the light I am using:

Finnex High Output Unibody Ultra Slim LED, High PAR
Daylight: 7000k Dual LED Strips
Dimensions: 30" Long x 3" Wide x 1" High



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I had it, and would not recommend it. It is indeed quite bright, but that is due to a huge green spectrum spike, which does no good for plants. My BMLs are only about 70% as bright (Visually) but have double the PAR output. It also washes out fish, I noticed far better coloration when I swapped the light.

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30.63" x 13.25" x 19"

Biggest knock on the RayII is the fact it has fairly poor color rendition..

PAR will most likely be in the range of 40-50 at the bed..
As noted weighted heavily in the yellow/green band..

AFAICT .. most fish will adjust.. some will hate it..
Never had much problem w/ guppies, tiger barb, ect
Except for when the light snaps on..;)
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