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Finnex Ray 2 36" for 36g Bow Front? Strong Enough?

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Hey guys.. I'm in need of some advice. Thinking of getting the Finnex Ray 2 36" for a 36g bow front that's 30 width x 17 deep x 21 tall. I plan to inject co2 and use PPS-pro.

Anyway, will the finnex fixture provide enough light suitable for stem plants such as rotala colorata, ludwidia red, and pogestemon errectus? I'm particularly concern about getting enough light for the reddish plants to stay red. And enough light for a carpeting foreground plant (possibly DHG). Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.. Thanks!
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See for how much PAR you will get from that light. It will be medium to high light, certainly enough to grow anything you want, and probably enough to get good color.
Thanks for the link... I'm still a bit confused on PAR. I've read about it but since it's a relatively new concept on terms of LEDs, I'm not quite sure what PAR values are needed by the plants I want. For instance, would the RAY 2 on the tank I want to put it on (being 21" from light to substrate), be enough for capeting plants (since they are so low to the substrate) like HC, UG, or DHG?
You should get about 55 micromols of PAR at 21 inches. That is medium light, more than enough for a carpet plant. I know that about 40 micromols of PAR at that distance will grow HC, so you would have plenty of light. More important than the PAR is the CO2 level in the water. You will need to spend some time, over a few weeks time, adjusting the CO2 to the optimum level for that much light.
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