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Finnex Planted+ question

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Sorry for the noob question, but I am having a hard time finding a clear answer to this. I have a 56 gallon from PetSmart. It is 30 inches long X 24 inches tall. I just ordered the 30 inch Planted+, I just want to make sure what light level I'm going to have with this fixture. I assume it is going to be low. All I am trying to grow is anubias, java fern, and some crypts. So will this light give me what I need at this depth?
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I have the 15 gallon column tank from Petsmart and it is also 24" tall. That will be a low level of light. Cooincidentally, I am growing anubias, java moss and fern, and crypts as well. Because I have some hair grass and some stems like mayaca as well, I bumped it up to two fixtures. I get pearling from everything down to about 8 inches or so from the bottom. hope that helps.
Thanks. That does help. Had I known from the start that I would be doing plants, I would have gotten a shorter tank. I have an Aqueon led on it right now with two day white and one colormax in it and my java ferns are doing pretty good. Hopefully I can coax at least a little more growth with the Finnex. I may add another down the road just to give me a little more light. This is all a learning experience for me right now. Anyway, thanks for the reply!

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The planted+ is an excellent LED lamp for planted aquariums. You will definitely see some positive results! :)
I know I have read nothing but rave reviews about it! I was just worried because my tank is so tall, but it sounds like it should work perfectly. It's already in town, but it won't be here til tomorrow.

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