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Finnex Planted LED vs T8?

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Currently I'm running a standard 10g tank 20.0 x 11.0 x 12.0 with a single 18" T8 GE bulb.

I'm on deciding whether it's worth it to buy a Finnex Planted+ 20" fixture.

Frankly if it was a bit cheaper I would have purchased it already.

In the future, I plan on trying to grow some Willow Hygro and Blyxa Japonica.

Would someone with more expertise be able to give their opinion:icon_ques Just wondering if it would make a huge difference.
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Even with the regular fugeray over your tank you would need a CO2 system. The T8 bulbs will actually grow a lot if you do it right. You need to get a 6700K bulb for your fixture (I would recommend a EXO-TERRA brand).

If you run CO2 and have a good T8 bulb you can grow just about anything in a 10 gallon tank.
Oh I didn't think T8's would be would cover the needs of the plants! Correct me if I'm wrong, I will go with the Reptile Glo 2.0 then.

Also I'll try a DIY CO2, when I get the chance as well. Thanks for the advice vernsker!
The Zoo Med Ultra sun is T8 and 6700K. Watch carefully when yu get it because they also have it in T5. Doctors Foster & Smith sell that bulb for $10 in 18". Even after you add the shipping it's cheaper than in a store.
I use two T8 bulbs on one of my 10g tanks and I took almost two years to find a
bulb combo that wouldn't make it an algae bomb because I needed to try them each for a few month before deciding if it was what I liked both in visible light and plant growth and not going crazy/w algae. This tank has no Excel/CO2 but only light complete ferts.
One of those Ultra sun bulbs will grow lots of plants. Just might fall short on plants listed as "high light" type. Will grow them also but a "red" may be dull looking for example. Adding the DIY CO2 will make a difference.
Yep I use the reptile glow 2.0

I have a tank the same depth as yours and I have grown several "high light" plants with this bulb. With compressed CO2 my plants were pearling and growing like crazy. CO2 really helps, but medium light plants would do just fine without it.
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