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Finnex over a 75g Tank

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I am looking into getting a Finnex Ray 2, or another type of LED

I have a 75g tank with the following plants, no CO2, and tank has MGOPM substrate

Wendtii Crypts (few different types)
Dwarf Anubius Nana
C. Balansa
Temple Hygro
Red Tiger Lotus
Java Fern

Would 1 Finnex light fixture be enough? A BML is a little out of my price range, but if I am going to need two Finnex fixtures it might be worth it to just do the BML

Thanks for the Info
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If you were open to two lamps, i can recommend two planted+ versus a single RAY II as the light spread between front and back would be more consistant and not cast any shadows. The red leds also would produce a warmer light to accent your crypts and tiger lotus.
Yea I'm open to it, just looking to cut down on electric cost.

Having to buy two will delay the purchase a little bit since the S.O. only lets me have so much of a fish allowance lol
I've got a 75g (pressurized CO2) and ran one finnex ray II on it for 8 months. Worked well for ferns, anubius and crypts. Didnt get much for O2 bubbles forming on the plants. Purchased a 2nd ray II about 3 weeks ago, now everything in the tank is giving off O2 bubbles. The Cabmoba red i had which was growing green except for the tips at the surface is now growing a nice shade of red and has a much bushier look to it.
I'm happy with the color of the light as well, looks quite natural imo.
I think if you wanted to stick to those plants you may be good with one Ray II.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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