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Finnex MonsterRay Combos

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I have a Ray2 and MonsterRay on my 55g. I'm thinking this combo might be a little too much light for my needs. I don't want to eliminate the MonsterRay because the Ray2 by itself does not bring out enough colors in my plants & fish. I'm considering switching out the Ray2 with a Planted+. Do you think a Planted+ combined with a MonsterRay would be too much red light? Would it look unnatural? Does anyone else have a Planted+ combined with a MonsterRay? If so, how does it look?
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Well, I finally did it. I replaced my Ray2 with a Planted+. I like it a lot better. Plants look greener, tetras seem more relaxed. Right now, I'm running just the Planted+ all by itself for 6 hrs/day while I get some minor algae under control. Eventually, I expect to be able to run my MonsterRay and Planted+ together for maximum coloration. (I wish I could post pictures comparing the Ray2 and the Planted+, but my crappy phone doesn't reproduce the colors accurately.)
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