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Finnex LED for 105 gallon

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Hi everyone, I'm jumping back into planted aquariums after being a reefer for the past 6 years. A lot has changed and I am fairly sure what I want to do as far as lighting is concerned. I plan to have a DSA 105 rimless which measures 48" wide X 24" front to back to 21" high. I plan to have a deep sand bed of approximately 4" and will inject C02 and plan to have high lighting.

So after reading a lot here on this site, I'm really not sure, what I should buy, therefore I'm asking the experts. It appears that 2 maybe 3 48" Finnex fixtures should suit my needs. I'll probably get the Planted Plus, Ray 2 and not sure what else, it would be a matter of color spectrum visual preference. Do you think this would be an adequate amount of lighting for this size aquarium? Sorry to post such a noob question, but I have not seen a whole lot of threads regarding aquariums of this size.

Also, can the fixtures be placed in a canopy? I prefer to hang them in the canopy, meaning mounted at the top somehow. Thanks. Brian
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