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finnex fugeray planted plus led fixture 48 inch

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Anyone use this fixture on your planted tank?
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I have a corner tank and use an 18" on the back half of the tank. Seems to work well enough to grow some basic or medium light demanding plants. In particular my red ludwigia is getting more red at the tops, so that's a good sign, I'd say.

Probably medium light directly under them and low light by the time you hit 4 to 6 inches out from the center.

Depending on your tank and setup, you may want two to get medium/high light.

I think they're great little fixtures, especially for the price.
I have a couple of Planted + fixtures. Would this be for a 55 or 75, or something different? I would recommend 2 for either one of those.
finned pl noted plus , 48 inch.

It is for a medium tech planted ,55 gal tank.
I have a 48" Planted+ on my 55g. I've only had it for a bout 2 weeks. So far, I love it! I also have the MonsterRay on the same tank for color enhancement and a little bit of extra PAR.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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