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Finnex Fugeray Planted Plus 30" light strip

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Hi, I've had a new 20L tank up for about a week now. No fish yet. I ordered (probably too many) plants from liveaquaria and now have a bit of a jungle. HC, hairgrass, micro sword, anubia, crypts, and alternatha reineckii mini in foreground; ludwigia, rotala, myrio, hornwort, swords in mid and background. I have CO2 on about 2bps on a timer for 8 hours a day, dosing medium level PPS macro/micro daily; KH is around 40 and Ph is around 6.5.

Some leaf attrition on stem plants so far - esp ludwigia, which don't exhibit that amazing red color yet and which I have since replanted to be more directly under the light and separated the stems a bit more - but nothing looks horrible. Swords are thriving/pearling. Rotalas are doing okay, seem to be perking up although the petals seem small and a bit anemic. The foreground plants are holding their own but no runners yet. I know, it's been only a week...

I have one Finnex Fugeray Planted Plus 30" strip going 8 hours a day. I had it raised 2" above glass canopy for a while, then lowered it directly onto glass canopy upon suspicion it may not be delivering enough light to the plants. The light seems to not spread well. Foreground and very back can get a little dark. I can't tell from the internet whether the PAR on this particular model is considered high light or medium. It's not the ray2 or the stingray or the planted plus 24/7 model. My tank is only 12" H (+ 12" W + 30" L) so I thought originally it would be fine (and even too much, although that fear has subsided).

My questions for those of you with experience with this particular light: Is it generally ok for a high tech setup in a 20L tank? Do I need to add more light to foreground? Also is it okay to set the light directly on the glass canopy? Thanks.

Link to the light:
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Thanks! Awesome looking tank by the way! I don't have the planted plus 24/7 model, I have the fugeray planted plus. Those are different, correct? Hm, clip on LEDs - that's a new insight. Thank you.
Their par ratings are similar, but the fugeray planted + is equivalent if not higher. That 30in is more than enough for an 20L @ 7-8 hrs a day ^^
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