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I might need a better light if I want to add plants that demands more light.

The tank is 10" long, 10" width and 10" high.

I keep changing what plants to add, but I might add dwarf hairgrass, cardamine Lyrata, crypt Wendtii red or dwarf lily, brazilian pennywort or bacopa caroliniana or cabomba caroliniana, rotala rotundifolia or nanjenshan. I might add one anubias nana. I keep changing plants XD.

I know it's a small tank, but I have two bigger ones in case there's leftovers = p.

I can also check out other lights If there are others that works.

So, which one?
Finnex Fugeray 10", Planted+ 12" or Sringray 10" for a 2.6g tank?

Thank you!
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