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Finnex FRP+ or RayII

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I know this question has been asked a million times over, but I wondered if anyone had any input for my particular setup. Most of the reviews for the FRP+ have been on smaller or shallower tanks. I intend to choose from one of the two LEDs for my 90g (48"L x 18"W x 24"H)

I want this tank to be low/medium light. It is dirted with MG organic soil and capped with fine grain gravel. There are areas of deeper beds, retained by rocks, at the back and sides mostly, where the substrate is brought up ~6", making the height from light fixture to substrate ~18".

I will be making this tank mostly West African biotope, with low-light plants like bolbitis, anubias, java fern, criniums, aponogetons, lotus, the latter two can be reddish with enough light. I might throw in some non-African plants to add colour, maybe not, if I don't have enough light. I just want to push the limits enough but without ending up with a big algae bloom.

Ideally, I would want to do hairgrass as a carpet in the front, this will be closer to 22" in depth, but if I have to, I will just do an anubias nana petite and moss carpet.

I do not want to use co2 on this tank. I don't want to have to use Excel all the time. I like using nerite snails (not African, but anyway) for algae control (they are awesome)

Fish- Kribensis, Butterfly cichlid, congo tetra, still looking for others.

So, do you guys think the Ray II will be too much light for my tank? What about the Planted+, will it be enough? I have my ideas, I know about PAR, I just wondered if anyone has tried something similar to what I want to do, with any advice/experience?
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Unless you have more than one, whichever you choose, you will be at a low light level. You will want at least 2 Finnex fixtures to give you better light spread. A 90g just has too much area front to back even for the 120 degree LEDs. The second fixture will help you get into the medium range possibly.
I think you're going to want 2x FRP+.
Cool, thanks for the advice, makes sense, I like the idea. It'll cost me more than I wanted to spend on that tank, but I appreciate the input.
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