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Finnex for 20 gal Tall

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I'm looking into getting my 20 tall back up in running. It about 16.5 tall. With light and substrate added I think the distance form light to substrate will stay about 16 to 17 in, I would like to be able to grow low to medium light plants including some nice red plants while using liquid co2. I've been researching PAR values for all the lights and know that 30 PAR is for low light, but would like to know other people suggestions or experiences.

I am trying to determine if the Finnex Stingray or the Planted Plus would be better. I'm looking to grow dwarf hair grass or some ground cover, various crypts, buce, ferns, some swords such as red flame, kleiner prinz various hygro's some alternanthere Reneckii, Hedyotis sp. borneo orange and Ludwugia sp. red and arcuata and maybe some rotala.

So I guess my question is which light will give me low/medium light, bring out the reds in some plants without have to go to pressurized co2 with I do not have the space or money for right now.
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I really don't think the Stingray is going to provide enough light for what you're trying to accomplish. I ran two 20 highs with 24" Stingrays and they were great low tech tanks but the almost complete lack of any algae suggests to me that they were pushing the mid to lower end of low tech. The Finnex Planted + 24" may just do the trick. You may be getting around 30 PAR at that depth but I'm not 100% on what the actual figures are for the 24" light. There are also a number of other great lights that may suit your needs like the Current Freshwater Plus which should give you a little over 30 PAR and has some really nice features. There's the Fluval Aquasky as well but that's relatively new and concrete information about PAR values is hard to come by.
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