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Finnex 4 Gallon?

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Yesterday my 2.5 gallon sprang a leak, and I moved all the RCS and the two Endler's to my Ebi. Everything survived, lucky my mom noticed the leak LOL. So I want to get a replacement, and the price of the Finnex 4, at just $27, may be a good thing to spend some Christmas money on. Do any of you guys have it? Good? Bad? Great? Horrible? And for substrate... I want something good looking but functional as well, but preferably able to fill this tank for under 10-15 bucks. Plants will be trimmings from my Ebi. Thanks. Shout out your opinions! And happy New Years!

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Is it the old one with the HOB or the new one with the canister filter?

It's a great nano tank. I'm happy with mine.
The HOB one. I don't really want the canister anyway because I don't need a powerful filtration system just for a shrimp nursery. And it takes up more space. Also doesn't come with a light, but that's alright because I am replacing my 2.5 gallon that sprung a leak yesterday night. So I already have a light. But heating wise... Will 10 Watts work? I don't want to bug my parents to buy me a more powerful one. Shrimp like cooler temps anyway, sooooo... We'll see.

I think I'll like it too. Which version do you have? HOB/Canister? Can you post some pics? What do you have in it? Thanks!
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