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Well fill let me introduce myself, I'm Diego and I'm from Mexico, I found this forum couple of days ago and I gotta say is the best I've seen.
I've been fascinated with nano tanks since I saw the first one and I decided its time to get one, I currently have a 10 gallon unplanted divided for 4 bettas, it was nice but im really looking to get a "iwagumi" look on this new tank. So the thing is I wanted something small for my desk, I looked at ADA and well, they are kinda expensive I don't doubt the quality but I just cant afford one right now.

So I found that Amazon has the best deals so far but the thing is one deal is $48 and has a regular filter, and the other one is $69 but it has a canister filter, any ideas what is a better deal? I really want a tank to be as successful as the one that Outlawboss has but I'm not sure about which deal to take. Is that canister filter even good at all? If not i'll just take the cheap deal and upgrade it.

Thanks in advance.
I joined and started a 10 gallon planted tank which then became a 29 planted and has now spawned to little nanos everywhere! All because I came across this site researching other methods to "cycle" an aquarium. Once I saw the pictures I was hooked. My wife has been miserable since and my love for planted aquariums has deepened even more. Good luck!
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