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Finn rays2 Led vs Tek T5 light fixture

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i have a 55 gallon with 2 eheim professional 2 and 2217 canister. i need a good lighting system. i read a lot articles on led light and Tek T5 fixture. now i don't know which one to buy. which one will be better for my plants i want to do medium light. so i know i will need CO2 also. have anybody used redsea CO2 pro system i read different review on this product. if anyone can give me some suggestion on either light fixture will be appreciate. i fail the first time set up the plant aquarium because i didn't have the right light, substrate for the plants:(. so this time i want to do it right. how many bags of flourite should i used for a 55 gallon tank?:)
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I am not finding any 2 bulb Tek fixtures. If there was one, it would be very high light. A 4 bulb would be way to much light. I think that the Finnix Ray II would be mediumish light, and probably grow whatever you want, with co2.

As long as those Red Sea CO2 setups have been around, there ought to be lots of reviews on them. There are practically no reviews on the internet. That is telling in itself in my opinion.
I would vote for a Ray II after seeing one in operation for several weeks. My brother runs on on a saltwater tank and it is more than adequate for that use. I am awfully impressed with the build quality for the price.
thanks i will go with 4 bulb Tek fixture. i found a used one at manhattan aquarium.
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