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Just finished setting up my first shrimp breeding tank that also has a nice aquascape, and now about shrimp selection. There are only three types of shrimp I could find in my country: Red Cherry Shrimp, Bamboo Shrimp. There are three other selections or they may have run out, I have yet to check, there is something called an Albino Shrimp, it has a strong rough dry white with small red marks (Twice the price of the bunch), Fire Red shrimp (didn't find it in store last time but could ask) and rili shrimp (transparent white with a red head).

The tank is 63 Liters.

The filter will be replaced with Eheim liberty 200 with a pre-filter (filter guard).

What is best for a beginner one type of shrimp or does it not matter?

Can I have both red cherry shrimp (still babies, less than or equal to a cm) and bamboo shrimp (smallest 2 inches long) in the same tank?

Can I have more than two types in one tank?

Which are the best combination?

Should I have fish like green tetra in the tank, because I heard that shrimp get aggressive in large groups?

Update: I know Ottos are safe for shrimp breeding tanks. But how about green tetras, SAE, assassin snail and albino plecos?

I am getting Seneye Reef tomorrow it takes one more day to calibrate, if the water parameters are fine can I add them?
One of shrimp compatibility charts That I saw shows that Bamboo shrimp and Red Cherry shrimp will interbreed is that True? Because I heard that Bamboo shrimp don't breed in captivity?
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