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fine sand affectin plant grow?

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ok guys im wonderin i have very fine sand is this affecting plant grow i made some root tabs and sit them under the plants
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No doubt there are some which prefer to be able to get their roots to go through easier or peraps get more circulation between the roots ?
This link has various perameters you can set including substrate.
Just put sand as the substrate and see if one or more of your plants comes up on
the list the give you for sand as the substrate.
There are likely hardly any that just will not grow if put in a particular regular type
of sub, but also likely is that some will strongly prefer one type.
I put only sand as a perameter and they only list 8 plants so it must be a listing
only for plants which grow best in sand. You might try putting the names of any of your plants which you know the name of to see which sub it prefers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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